About Us


The advancement of the Hindu religion in general and in particular amongst the rajput caste

The advancement of religious education

The relief of poverty, sickness and distress (for further details see governing instrument)

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    1. Jay Mataji. Contact emails are on contact us page. Or please call me 07809669843. My Name is Jaydeepsinh Rana.

      Also heartily invitation to attend Navratri and Diwali festival. Details posted on website.


  1. Sir
    I come from tomar rajput clan of India.My native place is in morena,M.P ,India.Presently I am working as a professor in a Business School in India and I plan to come to U.K in september 2016 for a one year course in Businee Analytics.I was selected last year for the same course but could not start the course since I could obtain scholarship of GBP 7000 only out of total fees GBP 16000.I plan to stay in U.K for next 5-6 years for a P.hD and pledge to work for rajput cause.Can rajput comunity provide some kind of assistance or scholarship to pursue my course ,please let me know.
    Saurabh Tomar
    +91 9753677161

    1. Hi saurabh

      Furst of many congratulations. Rajput samaj is here to help individual in everyway but cannot help financially. Please contact us through contact us page or call me on +44(0)7809669843 anytime

      Jay mataji

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