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    1. Jay mataji ashoksinhji

      To be added to mailing list you need to be a member of our samaj and we need few details. Kindly contact any member through contact us page or call me on 07809669843. I will be able to give you more details.


  1. Jay mataji jaydeepsinh,

    My family and I have been life members for over 25 years so please check the records before replying.

    1. Jay Mataji

      Even though you are a life member, as per new fee structure life members has to pay the fee every year but not as much for non life members. So that life members can be activated every year. Please check the calculator on our website.


  2. Jay Mataji
    Please can anybody send me registration details of Samaj ,

    I have tried to contact couple of times but no feedback

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